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■-' .... •■> >'. 

II--. - 


' a W* 

CLASS OF 1945 




. » Mh 

■'■■>.' '■%?■■ 

* - 1 

Zo the men and women of '45 

Who are fighting for Victory 

Zo them . . . 

Wherever they may be 
We dedicate this book 

Burgess, John Allyn, III 
Casey, Alice Patricia 
Conlon, Richard Patrick 
Dorey, Richard Edward 
Fears, Russell Prescott 
Gibson, Walter Dana 
Goldberg, Melvin 

Goldberg, Milton Bruce 
Grimley, Richard Thomas 
Lind, Fred Charles 
Mahoney, Joseph Jeremiah 
Salvatore, Vincent Dante 
Sides, William Bradford 
Weinberg, Robert 

Wognar, Edward 



Zo the Class of '45 

In this, the era of the radio, the news commentator and 
propaganda agents, too many people accept as fact the opinions which 
are so carelessly and casually sent forth upon the air waves. There is 
not enough discernment, not enough careful distinction. 

Common sense dictates that we do our own thinking; com- 
mon sense requires that we look at issues objectively. Observation and 
knowledge of common things, understanding of human nature, human 
sympathy, self-control, a sense of proportion, penetrating insight and 
mental agility, these are the elements of straight thinking. Common 
sense is developed in men's minds by observation and the habit of 
learning from observation and experience. 

This common sense cannot be taught directly, nor as part 
of a school curriculum; it must be acquired. 

In your preparation for teaching the opportunities that 
have been yours to observe, to think, to analyze, to compare should 
serve you well as you develop in the minds and hearts of your pupils a 
common sense attitude toward life and their fellow men. 

May your success and happiness be measured only by your 
unselfish service to those whom you teach. 








Direction of Training 


Physical Education 


.,:, i 




Physical Education 

a£ £♦ C* t/* 






Assistant Librarian 


Biological Sciences 






Physical Science 










1^ £* 


m. ,< %^ 





Art Supervision 


Dean of Women 


Physical Education 






Dean of Men 
Physical Science 





Grade Two 


Grades Four and Five 


Grades Two and Three 





Grade One 

Grade One 



Grade Three 


Grade Six 


Grade Five 


Grade Six 


Grade Four 




Jh Appreciation 

In June, 1944, three beloved members of our faculty 
achieved the goal of all teachers, leisure time to reflect upon a 
life of service and to spend doing the things they have always 
dreamed of doing. 

Our three years of association with Miss Lockwood, 
Mr. Hunt, and Mr. Stearns have left happy memories of their 
many kindnesses and the sense of gratitude which the student 
must always feel for the unselfish master. 

Now that they have been relieved of the arduous 
duties of the classroom, may they long enjoy the fruits of their 
labors. We shall look forward to Alumni gatherings of the 
future with the hope of renewing treasured friendships. 

U5 > 

"ftot to be ministered unto 

but to minister " 

Rose E. Bates 
Randolph Elementary 

Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Topics-of-the-Day 
Club, Secretary 2, President 3, Vice President 4; 
Press Club, Vice President 3, President 4; Day 
Student Council, President 4. 

Mary E. Begley 
Lakeville Elementary 

Dramatic Club 1, 2, 4; S. C. A. 1; Alpha 3, 
Art Editor 4; W. A. A. Board 2; Day Student Council, 
Vice President 4. 

Hazel I. Benson 


E nglish-L ibrary 

Hilda Berger 
Brockton Elementary 

Menorah Club 1, 2, Secretary 3, President 4; 
Kappa Delta Pi 4; Dramatic Club 2. 

Clyde Ormand Bezanson 
Brockton Geography 

Soccer 1; M. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Boyden Men's 
Club 1, 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Campus Comment, 
Business Manager, 3, 4. 

< 18 > 

Bettina Breene 
Taunton Elementary 

Newman Club 1, 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2; 
S. C. A. 3; Class Treasurer 4. 

Mary L. Capiferri 



Newman Club 1. 

Catherine M. Carroll 
Medford English 

Garden Club 1, 2; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
S. C. A. 3, Treasurer 4; W. A. A. Board 1. 

Jane B. Cass 
Brockton Elementary 

Dramatic Club 2, 3, President 4; Alpha Psi 
Omega 3, President 4; Topics-of-the-Day Club 4; 
Press Club 4; Campus Comment 3. 

Gertrude Blakelev Chatterton 
Somerset Centre Social Studies 

Orchestra 1; Tillinghast Dormitory, Treasurer 
3, President 4. 

U9 } 

L. Avis Clifton 
Somerset Centre History 

Campus Comment 1; Library Club 3, 4; 
Dramatic Club 3, 4; W. A. A. Folk Dancing Director 
3, 4. 

Jean F. Condon 
Weymouth Elementary 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Garden Club 3; 
Library 3, 4. 

Alda M. Costa 
Bridgewater Geography-Science 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Day Student Council 
2; S. C. A. 3, 4; W. A. A. Board 4; Secretary of Senior 
Class 4; Chairman Sixth War Loan Drive. 

Esther E. Donohue 
North Easton Mathematics 

Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Campus Comment 1, 2, 3; 
Press Club 2; Secretary of Woodward Dormitory 4. 

Claire A. Driscoll 
Boston Elementary 

Newman Club 1 2, 3, 4; Press Club 2; Garden 
Club 2, Secretary 3; Dormitory Council, Vice Presi- 
dent pro-tem 4. 

•120 > 

Theda W. Dutra 
Middleboro Elementary 

Orchestra 1; Dramatic Club 2. 

Claire L. Emerson 
Hyde Park . Elementary 

Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Fellowship 2, 3, 
Vice President 4; Alpha, Secretary 4; Tillinghast 
Dormitory, Secretary 3, "Vice President 4; Dormitory 
Council 3, 4; S. C. A. 3. 

Adrienne Marie Garrity 
Weymouth Elementary 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 
4; Day Student Council, Secretary 4. 

M. Eleanor Geary 
Gloucester English 

Campus Comment 1, 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; 
Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Press Club 1, 2, 3, General Director 
4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club 3, 4; S. C. A. 
4; Dramatic Club 1, 2. 

Dorothy R. Gifford 
Fairhaven Elementary 

Mary Washington College 1, 2; Home Eco- 
nomics Club 1, 2; Hyannis S. T. C. 3; K. P. Club 4 

•(21 } 

Elizabeth A. Hallisey 
Brockton Elementary 

Press Club 1; Campus Comment 1, 2; Newman 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4. 

Constance Lillian Hartwell 
East Pembroke Geography 

French Club 1; Glee Club 1, Librarian 2, 
President 3, 4; Mixed Choir 1; Woodward Sextette 
2, 3, 4; Class Vice President 4; Dramatic Club 2; 
Campus Comment 3. 

Madelyn L. Hogan 
Holbrook English 

Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Campus Comment 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

Anne E. Houghton 
North Attleboro Elementary 

Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Library Club 3, 4; Campus Comment 1, 3; K. P. 
Club 1; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Election Committee 3; 
Vice President pro-tem Senior Class. 

Dorothy Howes 
Dennis English 

S. C. A. 4; Dramatic Club 4; Campus Comment 
4; Hyannis S. T. C. 1, 2, 3. 

{22 \ 

Mellicent I. Jenkins 
East Braintree Elementary 

Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, Secre- 
tary 4; S. C. A. 2. 

Shirley A. Joy 

Newman Club 1, 2. 


Constance M. Kennefick 
Gloucester Geography-History 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club 3, 
"Vice President 4; W. A. A. Outing Director 3, Corre- 
sponding Secretary 4; WACMSTC, Executive-Secre- 
tary-Treasurer 4; Press Club 1; Campus Comment 
Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; S. C. A. Seal Committee 4. 

Helen R. F. Kolenda 

Brockton English 

Kappa Delta Pi 3, Historian-Reporter 4. 

Mary Louise Kremp 
Marion Geography 

Orchestra 1, Student Director 2, 3, 4; Glee 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 1; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; 
Mixed Choir 1; Dormitory Council 4; S. C. A. 3, 4; 
Lecture Fund Committee, Co-chairman 3, 4. 

4 23 } 

Louise F. Lambert 
Sandwich Elementary 

Newman Club 1; Garden Club 1; Alpha,- 
Photography Editor 4; W. A. A. Board 2, 3. 

Hannah Leavitt 
Haverhill Elementary 

Kindergarten-Primary Club 1, 2, 3, Presi- 
dent 4; Garden Club 1; Menorah Club 1, 2, President 
3; Campus Comment 1, 2; Library Club 1; W. A. A. 
Board 2, Recording Secretary 3; Lecture Fund Com- 
mittee 2; Chapel Committee 2; Kappa Delta Pi 4; 
Dramatic Club 1, 2; Alpha 3, Advertising Manager 4. 

Helen W. Lucas 
Attleboro English 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi, 
Secretary pro-tem 3, President 4; President of Dormi- 
tory Council 4; Class Secretary 2; Chairman of 
Elections 3. 

Phyllis V. Lucey 
Brockton Elementary 

Press Club 4; Topics-of-the-Day Club 4; 
Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, Assistant 
Director 4. 

Clementine M. Magliano 
Brockton Elementary 

Newman Club 1, 2; W. A. A., Archery Head 
4, Secretary pro-tem 4. 

{24 } 

Mary E. McCarthy 
Brockton Elementary 

Campus Comment 2; Press Club 1; Newman 
Club 1, 4. 

Catherine J. McCrohan 
New Bedford Math.-Science 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Dormitory Council, 
Vice President 4; Woodward Dormitory, Vice Presi- 
dent pro-tem 3. 

Helen N. Moir 
Marshfield Hills Elementary 

Student Fellowship, Board 1, 4; Secretary 2, 
President 3; Alpha, Assistant Business Manager 3; 
K. P. Club 2; Dramatic Club 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Chapel Committee, Treasurer 3; S. C. A., Vice Presi- 
dent 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Campus Comment, 
Assistant Circulation Manager 2, 3. 

Frances Morrell 
Canton English 

W. A. A. Biking Head 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 
4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, Stage Manager 4; Library 
Club 2, President 3; Newman Club 1, 2, Secretary 3; 
Campus Comment 2, News Editor 3; Press Club 1, 2; 
Woodward Dormitory, Vice President pro-tem 3. 

Dorothy E. Morton 
Plymouth Elementary 

Woodward Sextette 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 4, 
Secretary 3; Campus Comment 2, 3, 4; Student Fellow- 
ship 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4; S. C. A., 2nd Vice 
President 4; Alpha, Assistant Photography Editor 3, 
Editor-in-Chief 4; School Store, Manager 2, 3; 
Dormitory Council 3. 

{25 } 

Geraldine Muller 

South Braintree Elementary 

Lecture Fund Committee, Secretary 4. 

Regina M. Murray 
Randolph Elementary 

Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Press Club 2, Treasurer 3; 
Newman Club 2, 3, Secretary 4; Library Club 3, 
Secretary 4; W. A. A. Biking Head 4; Dormitory 
Council, President pro-tem 4. 

Jean Nicoll 
Brockton Elementary 

Day Student Council 1 ; Campus Comment 
1, 2; Library Club 3,4; W. A. A. 1; Class Secretary 3; 
S. C. A., Secretary 4. 

Edith F. Nolan 
Mattapan History-English 

Newman Club 1, 2, President 3, 4; Campus 
Comment 1, 2, Sports Editor 3, 4; W. A. A., Swimming 
Head 3, 4, Tennis Head 3; Recording Secretary 4; 
WACMSTC, Financial Chairman; Library Club 3. 

Vineta Ruth Noyes 
West Bridgewater Elementary 

Kappa Delta Pi 3, Vice President 4. 

•{26 } 

Mary Ruth Olenick. 
Brockton Elementary 

S. C. A. Representative 3, 4; Newman Club 
1; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. 

Lorraine F. Porter 
Jamaica Plain Geography-Math. 

Library Club 1, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3; 
Press Club 2, Secretary 3; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; 
Campus Comment 2, News Editor 3; Dramatic 
Club 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, Treasurer 4; Kappa 
Delta Pi 3, Treasurer 4; Woodward Dormitory, 
Vice President 4; W. A. A., 1st Vice President 4, 
Modern Dance Head 2, 3; WACMSTC, Chairman 4. 

Maida Ruth Pratt 
West Bridgewater Physical Education 

W. A. A. Board 2, 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Foghorn 
1, 2, 3; Dormitory Council 2, 3; Class Secretary 3; 
Hyannis S. T. C. 1, 2, 3. 

Marian Elizabeth Radcliffe 
Plymouth Math.-Social Studies 

Washington State Normal School 1, 2; W. A. 
A. Board 4, Hockey Head 4; Alpha, Business Man- 
ager, 4; Student Fellowship 3, 4; Campus Comtnent 
3, 4. 

Madelyn Alice Reed 
Hyannis English-Library 

French Club, Secretary 2, Vice President 3; 
Library Club 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; S. C. A. 3; Dormi- 
tory Council, Secretary 4. 

4 27 } 

Louise C. Reilly 
Bridgewater Geography-History 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Day Student Council, 
Assistant Treasurer 3, Treasurer 4; W. A. A. Hockey 
Head 3, President 4; S. C. A. 4; Civic Committee 4; 
WACMSTC, Presiding Officer 4. 

Anne V. Reynolds 
Quincy Elementary 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; 
Class Vice President 1, 2, President 3, 4; S. A. C. 
3, 4; S. C. A. 3, 4. 

Virginia I. Shanley 
Brant Rock English-Geography 

Campus Comment 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club, 
1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4; W. A. A., Basketball Head 4; 
S. C. A. 1. 

Elizabeth J. Snow 
Carver Elementary 

Hyannis State Teachers College 1, 2. 

Mary T. Sullivan 
Brockton English 

Newman Club 1, 2, President pro-tem 3, 4; 
Campus Comment 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 2; Library Club 
3; Dormitory Council 4, Vice President 3; S. C. A., 
President 4. 

{28 > 

Sylvia Sundelin 
West Barnstable English 

Alpha 4; Dramatic Club 4; S. C. A. 4. 

Mary C. Twomey 
South Weymouth English 

Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2; Kappa 
Delta Pi 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha, 
Treasurer 4; Woodward Dormitory, Treasurer 4; 
Campus Comment, Head Typist 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Martha Vickery 
Plymouth Geography-Science 

Glee Club 1, Librarian 2, Vice President 3, 4; 
Student Fellowship 2, Vice President 3, 4; Woodward 
Sextette 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 3; Woodward 
Dormitory, President 4. 

Marilynn Waterman 
Bridgewater Elementary 

Dramatic Club 2. 

E. Fvrne Watters 
Bridgewater English 

{29 } 

Dorothy Edith Wells 
Weymouth Heights English 

Student Fellowship 1, 2, Secretary-Treasurer 
3, President 4; W. A. A. Outing Head 2, Corresponding 
Secretary 3, 2nd Vice President 4; Dormitory Council, 
Secretary pro-tem 3; Alpha, Literary Editor 4; 
Hobby Club 2. 

Meredith Flagg White 
Elmwood Elementary 

Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4; Glee Club 3, 
Vice President 4; Day Student Council, 1st Vice 
President 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2; S. C. A., Acting 
Secretary 4. 

Helen Whiting 
Plymouth Physical Education 

Choir 1, 2, 3; W. A. A., Secretary 2, Vice 
President and President 3, Board 4; Class President 
3; Calendar Committee 3; Fire Chief Dormitory 3; 
Dormitory Council, Treasurer 4, Volleyball Head 4. 

{30 } 

3n Hemortam 

P.F.C Raymond J- Boudreau 

May 12, 1943 

Amphibian Engineers 
Co. B, 594 E., B § S. Regiment 

former Members of Class 

Adams, Olive Roberts 

Atkinson, Gertrude McGray 

Benner, Beverly Alfretta 

Berry, Joan Mary 
*Burgess, John Allyn, III 
*Casey, Alice Patricia 

Chianciola, Seraphina Margaret 
*Conlon, Richard Patrick 

Cook, Marguerite May 

D'Agata, Frances Lorraine, 

Dantos, Everdike 

Dench, Dorothy D. 

Doran, Susan Ann 
*Dorey, Richard Edward 

Easton, Shirley Elizabeth 
*Fears, Russell Prescott 
*Gibson, Walter Dana 


*Goldberg, Milton Bruce 
*Grimley, Richard Thomas 
Hackett, Rosemary Cecilia 

Hendricks, Elma Dean 
West, Constance Louise 
Mary Taylor Jamieson 
King, Joan Terese 
Lamb, Jean Dorothy 

*Lind, Fred Charles 

*Mahoney, Joseph Jeremiah 
Major, Lucille Marjorie 
Mendall, Joanne 
Morrissey, Ann Catherine 
Paoletti, Laura Argia 
Paquette, Simone 
Parsons, Stella Sylvia 

*Salvatore, Vincent Dante 

*Sides, William Bradford 
Supple, Emma Louise 
Thompson, Mary Frances 

*Weinberg, Robert 

*Wognar, Edward 
Meade, Edward 
Priestnal, Marion 

* Now in the armed services. 

4 32 } 

E began our college life with 
a transformation into Angels. 
W ho could ever forget that 
first grueling day in the Gym? 
However, it wasn't long before we 
were labelled as something entirely differ- 
ent. Yes, we were the typical green 
Freshmen. Do you remember getting up 
at least a half hour early to put up your 
hair in rags, tie on a lampshade chapeau, 
and comply with a dozen other annoying 

We also possessed seventeen of that 
rare species of Homo Sapiens known as 
MAN! Praying for rain, soap-box ora- 
tions, find-your-own-way-back walks were 
only a few of the hardships they endured. 
But a truce was made with our 
former enemies, the Sophs, at the Fresh- 
man Party when we took the Bridgewater 
Oath and became a real part of B.T.C. 

Remember the Barn Dances, Frat 
Dances, and dancing in the Gym Wednes- 
day nights (where three Freshmen could 
always be found trumping Miss Hender- 
son's ace) ? 

We ushered in the Xmas season with 
a formal — the Poinsettia Prom, other 
Yuletide activities included a night of 
magic, carolling, and a sleighride. These 
culminated in one of our most treasured 
memories — the Xmas Banquet. 

We loaded our suitcases with books 
and immediately forgot about them until 
our return from the Xmas Vacation, when 
the Gremlin of Midyears reared his ugly 

Mist or y of 

head and studying changed from an avoca- 
tion into a necessity. 

With the help of an understanding 
Big Sister's reassurances, we endured the 
Midyear ordeal. Once this milestone was 
passed, the time flew by. An outstanding 
event was the trip the Glee Club made to 
Pops on Bridgewater Night to sing in 
Symphony Hall. 

Many of us said goodbye to our Big 
Sisters in June, but only after the thrilling 
Commencement exercises. Who can forget 
the furtive glances at the Oak Boughs to 
determine what member of the insect 
family might fall? 

Thus came to a close our first year 
at B.T.C. 

The sophistication we had acquired 
as Freshmen was fully brought to bear on 
the unsuspecting Freshman Class of '46. 
They emerged unscathed, but slightly 
humbled, after a week of wrecked rooms, 
nightly entertainments, and Truth Society. 
We realized then that they were pretty 
good kids after all. 

This brought more responsibilities, 
deeper friendships, and memorable experi- 
ences. Many lasting associations were 
formed at the Soph-Junior Social in Tillie 
when the sailors from the Weymouth Base 
were our guests. A return invitation to 
attend a formal at the Base was eagerly 
accepted and not soon forgotten. 

Xmas Banquet had become a treas- 
ured tradition and was enjoyed even more 
than the previous year. Remember singing 

the Class 

carols in the Gym afterward in the dark, 
due to a blackout? 

The shadow of war was darkening, 
and in April it stretched out a cold hand to 
clutch the popular leader of our class, 
Dick Dorey, and many of the other fellows. 
No longer could we watch Dick Grimley 
and Dorey performing their inimitable 
antics on the basketball floor. 

By June we had almost ceased to be 
a co-ed college in anything but name. 
We raised our Oak Boughs for the last 
time and said goodbye to another class 
and another year. 

This September brought a challenge. 
Could we "Do Unto Others" and become 
helpful Big Sisters to the bewildered 
Freshmen ? We could and did, and it was a 
very satisfying experience to feel that we 
were carrying on one of the traditions of 

By this time we had really become 
"the girls they left behind" and the post 
office was besieged with an increased supply 
both of incoming and outgoing mail. 

This was the year when we tried 
our wings for an eight-week stretch at 
the "T. S." It proved very enjoyable to 
some and to others an endless term of 
Luxing stockings nightly. We all survived, 
however, and came out feeling we had ex- 
perienced our "trial by fire" and were 
now well on the road to becoming pro- 

In January we enjoyed our second 
Mardi Gras. Beautiful costumes, in- 

genious floats, and imported men all con- 
tributed to its success. 

Other successful affairs were the 
Glee Club and Orchestra Concerts, Sopho- 
more Sophistries (a bird's-eye view of the 
Faculty), and the Dramatic Club Spring 

Then came the great day — Gradua- 
tion. Many of us experienced an annoying 
lump in our throats as we held the Daisy 
Chain in tribute to the Seniors. No one 
could tell us they weren't the finest group 
of girls anywhere, and we knew we were 
going to miss them in many ways in the 
year ahead. 

September rolled around again 
bringing a few changes of station-marriage 
and its intermediate steps. Our class had 
dwindled, but we were determined to make 
it one of our best years at B.T.C. 

Our sister College on the Cape 
contributed new blood to college activities 
with the advent of Physical Education 
Majors and other interesting people. 

All the tradition which we had 
been storing up flashed upon us. Symbol- 
ically the Tower Light, which had been 
dimmed for military purposes, shone out 
with all its meaning. The realization came 
to us that we must cling to each event and 
store it up in our Treasure Chest of 

The Supper Hike was reminiscent 
of former years, and all the funny, friendly, 
spirited times this tradition has occasioned. 
"Goin' to Kentucky," George Washington, 


t £ * 

and the sand pit are only a few expressions 
which bring a smile of remembrance. 

November was a busy month with 
Big and Little Sister Party, Open House 
Week-end, the Barn Dance (sponsored by 
Newman Club, Menorah and Student 
Fellowship), Book Week Tea, and the most 
welcomed Thanksgiving Recess. 

After this breathing spell we re- 
turned for S. C. A. Social, Day Students 

Social, Christmas Concert, and best of 
all — Christmas Banquet. The glamour of 
evening gowns and the attractively deco- 
rated dining hall contributed to the suc- 
cess of the Banquet. This was surpassed 
only by the Faculty Reception which 
followed in the Gym. Miss Decker and 
Miss Caldwell jitterbugging, Mr. Tyndall, 
the lonesome sailor, looking for a date 
with a redhead, and Mr. Foth's reading 
from "Hyman Kaplan" were only a few 
of the highlights. 

Then home again for the Christmas 

Recess, back to the spectre of midyears 
thrown aside for a successful Alumni 
Week-end, including Play Night, confer- 
ences, luncheon and a tea, to say nothing 
of bull sessions until the wee small hours. 

This year brought a challenge. 
After three years of preparation, were we 
capable of assuming the role for which we 
had studied? With trembling hearts and 
knocking knees we ventured forth. With 
the co-operation of sympathetic room 
teachers and the understanding of most of 
the pupils, we passed a more enjoyable 
eight weeks than we had dreamed possible. 

The production of a second Gym- 
Jam to equal and if possible surpass the 
first, of two years ago, was a responsibility 
thrust upon the more athletic-minded 
members of our class. Needless to say the 
experience gained at the WACMSTC in 
October and the addition of the Physical 
Education Majors to our enrollment were 
two of the factors which assured a success- 
ful affair. 

With other exciting events — house 
parties, concerts, plays, class productions, 
rushing parties, etc., the year drew to a 
close. Before we knew it, Graduation 
Day was here! This time we donned our 
Caps and Gowns with assurance and par- 
ticipated in Ivy March for the last time. 

These are our memories of four 
years at B.T.C. These and many more 
personal ones that Time can never erase. 
May each member of the Class of '45 go 
forth to meet the problems of life strength- 
ened through his associations and experi- 
ences at B.T.C. 

Dorothy Morton '45 

4N 1 


^\ *» -»a 

4P» **. 

Class Ode 

Within your sheltering walls we've labored long, 
O Alma Mater, guide to knowledge rare; 
And now to minister to mankind 
We venture forth into a world to dare. 

We pause towonder what the future holds 
For us who stand upon its shadowed sill. 
So much there is of darkness and of doubt, 
Of plans that seem so hopeless to fulfill. 

The myriad trials we've shared but charge us now 
To climb the heights and search for truth so pure 
That war nor tempest, hate nor greed 
May hurt the faith that we have built secure. 

Dorothy E. Morton '45 


Life in the dormitory is one long 
orgy of eating, completely surrounded by 
women and rules. This theory of continual 
nourishment is based upon the Epicurean 
philosophy: that is, "Eat, drink and be 
merry" today, for every tomorrow is jeopar- 
dized by the possibility of a violent end, 
caused by an explosion in the ironing room 
or a fire in the smoking room. 

One's associates consist of the usual 
extroverts and introverts; the latter are 
characterized by regular periods of hiber- 
nation directly preceding every exam, while 
the former are typified by spasmodic 
intervals of "rec" room worry, occurring 
at about the same times. 

The selection of an appropriate 
roommate is vital to the durability of 
every individual. The ideal roommate 
should be generous, tactful, altruistic, 
industrious, domestic, intelligent, loyal, 
courageous, and cold-blooded. The last 
qualification is perhaps the most essential, 
since it is necessary to raise the tempera- 
ture of one's room to at least 32 degrees on 
dark winter mornings, and, if one's roomie 
is sufficiently hardy to brave the elements, 
it is really a great boon. The most desir- 
able roommate is well-stocked with sewing 
equipment, stamps, Kleenex, and food. 

Mornings in the dormitory are var- 
ied. If you desire to sleep late, you are 
certain to be awakened at the crack of 
dawn by considerate friends who insist 
that brisk, morning air, frigid rays of re- 
fracted sunlight, and an overturned bed 
are just what Miss Haggart has ordered. 
If you would like to rise early, to cram 
for that *!!? exam, you are sure to sleep 
through everyone's alarm-clock, and, de- 
spite all subsequent rushing, arrive at the 
dining-hall just one second too late for 

The life of the dorm student is 
made tolerable just by that continual hope 
for mail; the proper letter has been known 
to sustain girls for weeks at a time. 

Evenings in the dorm are indicative 
of the personality of each of the inhabitants. 
If one is a plug, her door is barred with a 
"Quarantine" notice and a "lite cut" 
sign. The tattoo of a typewriter may 
frequently be heard, and the midnight oil 
is always burning. The really versatile 
student is the one most deserving of atten- 
tion. This creature is simultaneously able 
to study, play bridge, listen to the radio, 
gossip, knit, eat, advise, and write letters 
to at least three different persons (keeping 
them all straight; it would never do to send 


to one's parents a Ic-rrcr intended for an 
entirely different recipient!) Evenings are 

always high lighted by the opportunity 
to clash downtown for a hamburger! 

The dormitory is notorious for its 
most infamous features. At the very 
time when one discovers several weeks' 
laundry waiting scandalously in one's 
closet, the hot water is sure to he turned 
off for the evening. When one finds that 
unless she irons something toute de suite 
she will have to wear pajamas to class 
tomorrow, the irons are all mysteriously 
out of order. At the very hour of "One 
Man's Family" the fuse blows out. When 
one is desperately hungry, all the food in 
the dorm will have been consumed — and, 
to boot, the coke-machine will be empty. 
Just when one is dog-tired, and aching to 
fall into her warm, cozy, and hard-as-a- 
board cot, she will positively find turtles, 
maggots, grasshoppers, cracker-crumbs, 
and decaying vegetation between the 

When one chooses to live in the 
dormitory, she irrevocably relinquishes all 
privacy for four long years. Her room 
is treated to periodical, unannounced 
visitations at the very times that it is in 
its most disreputable condition. Articles 

of clothing have a way of disappearing and 
later turning up on the persons of one's 
best friends. 

One's entire life is dedicated to the 
"records" — incriminating evidence regard- 
ing one's social life that may readily be 
used for blackmailing purposes by posterity. 
(There are a few items that have not as 
yet found their way to the "records," but 
to say more would be to disclose trade 
secrets and to cheat our successors of their 

If one has been so sufficiently for- 
tunate as to ensnare one of the rarer sex. 
dorm life makes his complete capture a 
miracle indeed! Perhaps there is no kid 
brother to strip one of heavily applied 
sophistication, but certain individuals in 
positions of guardian angelship can do a 
great deal to obstruct progrev-. 

Dormitory life is awful! It is a 
deliberate cramping of the style of youth; 
it promotes feelings of frustration, melan- 
choly, and dissipation; it makes home look 
like heaven. Yet, nothing in the whole, 
wide world would ever make us voluntarily 

Bemiss Mazer '46 



I Si? i 


At about 8:15 a.m. from Monday to Friday a 
large group of people can be seen headed eastward on 
School Street. Who are they? They are commuters of 
B.T.C. After having traveled five, ten, or twenty-five 
miles by Eastern Mass. Railway buses with bags of books 
slung over their shoulders, faces red, they make their way 
through the snow finally to reach the campus. Some of 
them may have burned the midnight oil the night before, 
but it is scarcely noticeable for they look so alive and 
invigorated. No matter how sleepy they may have felt 
when they left their homes an hour or more before, the sharp 
early-morning winter air succeeded in counteracting that 
feeling of drowsiness. Whatever ma have been the cause 
of full awakening, the lively and spirited conversation which 
is carried on by the "trotters" to the time Boyden Hall is 
reached, and usually after, indicates the fact that they are 
completely awake. 

Rains pour. Snowstorms blind and impair 
travel. Streets are ice-covered. Strong winds cut. Yet 
the commuters still come to B.T.C. They have oceans of 
fun in their travel and their study, a "gripe" here and a 
"groan" there being only two small drops in those oceans. 
Winter weather remains a challenge to the commuters, but 
it cannot defeat them. For most of the commuters, it 
remains an outlet for fun and jovial conversation. 

Shortly before 9:00 a.m., infrequently after, 
groups of several beaming-faced individuals are to be seen 
entering any of the portals of Boyden Hall. They are more 
commuters, having been chaufFeured to Bridgewater by 
fellow students who unerringly bear the risks and responsi- 
bilities of driving the family car, or their own, in nearly 
every type of hard New England weather. 

All of these are the people that meet in the Day 
Students' Social Room or Lunch Room before classes begin 



every morning. Particular pride is shared in the Social 
Room this year since they h ve made renovations. In 
this room everyone feels as though he belongs. 

Reading the current magazines in this room 
has become a habit with most of the girls. Groups of them 
often can be seen discreetly observing the pictures in Life, 
or discussing articles appearing in Times. At the beginning 
of every month comes that familiar question, "Has the 
new Mademoiselle come in yet?"The newly-added bookcase 
offers reading for those who have already read the most 
recent magazines. Every so often the girls congregate and 
get a great deal of enjoyment from the Trotters' Bits, a 
newspaper put out by the Day Students. Topics of 
conversation vary widely in this room, but one that is 
being constantly brought up is the subject of those good 
old days when the fellows were with us on the campus. 

After morning classes there is a mad dash to the 
coke machine, "the pause that refreshes" somehow seem-' 
ing to have the ability of changing a dry sandwich into a 
highly appetizing victual. Pending the end of the war 
when the commuters hope to manage a small cafeteria in 
their Lunch Room, the coke machine remains an object 
of deep value to them. 

More classes are attended before the basement 
corridor becomes cluttered with girls hurrying this way 
and that. The sound of lockers opening and closing can 
be heard above the clattering of the girls about what they 
must take home, who will meet whom where, who is going 
to have her bus ticket punched for whom, and any number 
of other questions. Warm clothes are adorned, galoshes 
and boots are put on, and the commuters are on their way 
home, five, ten, or twenty-five miles away. 

Dorothy Christofori '46- 


Extra Curricular Activities 

Student Co-operative Association 


1st Vice President 

2nd Vice President 



Mary Sullivan 
Helen Moir 
Dorothy Morton 
Jean Nicoll 
Catherine Carroll 

Assistant Treasurer Constance Macomber 

Dormitory Council 

Vice President 

Helen Lucas 
Catherine McCrohan 
Madelyn Reed 
Hannah Leavitt 

Woodward Dormitory 

Vice President 

Martha Vickery 
Lorraine Porter 
Elizabeth Donohue 
Mary Twomey 


Vice President 

Gertrude Chatterton 
Claire Emerson 
Mabel Mason 
Dorothy Belcher 

Vice President 

Junior Class- 

Esther Rosenblatt 
Marjorie Tolman 
Elizabeth Roper 
Arleen Linton 

Sophomore Class 

Vice President 

Ruth Anderson 
Eileen Finnegan 
Muriel Rowell 
Elizabeth Roper 

Freshman Class 

Vice President 

Barbara Talbot 
Jeanne Moynihan 
Janet Allen 
Marie McGowan 

Women's Athletic Association 


1st Vice President 

2nd Vice President 

Corresponding Sec. 

Recording Sec. 


Louise Reilly 
Lorraine Porter 
Dorothy Wells 
Constance Kennefick 
Edith Nolan 
Dorothy Brooks 

Assistant Treasurer Lenore Kelly 

Day Student Council 


1st Vice President 

2nd Vice President 



Rose Bates 
Meredith White 
Mary Begley 
Adrienne Garrity 
Louise Reilly 

Assistant Treasurer Elizabeth Sheehan 

Senior Class 

Vice President 

Anne Reynolds 
Constance Hartwell 
Alda Costa 
Bettina Breene 

Women's Glee Club 

Vice President 

Constance Hartwell 
Meredith White 
Madelyn Guzzi 
Jean Crane 
Margaret Lopes 


Student Director 
Asst. Stud. Director 

Mary Kremp 
Phyllis Schmidt 
Meredith White 
Beverly Morey 
Jeanne Peck 

{42 } 

Extra Curricular Activities 

French Club 

Vice President 

Lucille Paquette 
Dorothy Christofori 
Harriet Parsons 
Janice Burchard 
Phyllis Clayman 

Library Club 

Vice President 

Constance Kennefick 
Regina Murray 
Virginia Shanley 

Kindergarten-Primary Club 


1st Vice President 

2nd Vice President 

Corresponding Sec. 

Recording Sec. 


Hannah Leavitt 
Vivian Chaffin 
Constance Macomber 
Dorothy Brooks 
Phyllis Clayman 
Jeanette Murchie 

Dramatic Club 

Vice President 

Jane Cass 
Frances Burns 
Alice Twomey 
Eldon Lawson 

Topics-of-the-Day Club 

Vice President 

Martha Howard 
Rose Bates 
Alice Twomey 
Vivian Lovell 

Press Club 

Vice President 

Rose Bates 
Eleanor Geary 
Annette Kerr 
Thelma Parsons 

Kappa Delta Pi 


Vice President 




Helen Lucas 
Vineta Noyes 
Mellicent Jenkins 
Lorraine Porter 
Helen Kolenda 

Student Fellowship 

Vice President 
Secretary- Treasurer 

Dorothy Wells 
Claire Emerson 
Altana Mann 

Alpha Psi Omega 


Assistant Director 
Stage Manager 
Business Manager 

Jane Cass 
Phyllis Lucey 
Frances Morrell 
Lorraine Porter 

Chairmen of Standing Committees 

Handbook Committee Berniss Mazer 
Lecture Fund Com. Mary Kremp 
Chapel Committee Arleen Linton 
Civic Committee Eunice Kohler 

Elections Committee Elizabeth Connors 
Scholarship Com. Ilsa Chapin 

Menorah Club 

Vice President 

Hilda Berger 
Phyllis Werlin 
Esther Rosenblatt 
Jack Herman 

Newman Club 

Vice President 

Edith Nolan 
Elizabeth Connors 
Regina Murray 
Mary Kennedy 

{43 } 




Esther Rosenblatt 

Vice President 
Marjorie Tolman 


Elizabeth Roper 

Arleen Linton 



Ruth Anderson 

Vice President 
Eileen Finnegan 

Muriel Rowell 

Elizabeth Roper 

Class of 



Barbara Talbot 

Vice President 
Jeanne Moynihan 

Janet Allen 


Marie McGowan 

- 7 

Alpha Hoard 


Dorothy E. Morton 

Business Manager 
Marian E. Radcliffe 

Advertising Manager 
Hannah Leavitt 

Literary Editor 
Dorothy E. Wells 

Art Editor 

Mary E. Begley 

Photography Editor 
Louise Lambert 


Mary Twomey 


Claire Emerson 


Miss Dorothy D. Nutter 
Dr. Clement C. Maxwell 

Undergraduate Members of the Hoard 

Assistant Editor 
Assistant Business Manager . 
Assistant Advertising Manager 
Assistant Literary Editor 
Assistant Art Editor 
Assistant Photography Editor 

Barbara Kane 

Elaine Jackson 

Roberta Sullivan 

Dorothy Christofori 

Dorothy Brooks 

Phyllis Schmidt 


We, the members of the Alpha Board, wish to 
extend our deepest appreciation to all those who helped in the 
production of the 1945 yearbook. 

We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to Miss Pope 
for her invaluable service in the guiding of our finances; to 
Miss Nutter for her competent work in the capacity of both 
general adviser and art critic; to Dr. Maxwell for his sound 
literary advice; and to the Seniors for their co-operation and 
understanding of our problems. 

•{48 } 


Arnold, Joseph I. 
Bradford, Edith H. 
Caldwell, Mary I. 
Carter, Julia C. 
Crowley, Mary M. 
Davis, Ruth E. 
Davoren, John L. 
Decker, Lois L. . 
Doner, Charles E. 
Foth, Charles E. 
Goff, Bessie E. . 
Graves, E. Irene 
Hill, M. Katherine 
Huffington, Paul 
Kelly, T. Leonard 
Lovett, Olive H. 
Low, Ruth I. 
Lutz, Iva V. 
Maxwell, Clement C. 
Moriarty, Mary J. 
Mullen, Edna M. 
Nutter, Dorothy D. 
Pope, S. Elizabeth 
Rand, Frieda 
Rucker, Robert W. 
Tyndall, Balfour S. 
Wood, Frederick L. 

24 Grove Street, Bridgewater 
272 Summer Street, West Somerville 
193 Summer Street, Bridgewater 
49 South Street, Bridgewater 
222 Summer Street, Bridgewater 
318 Summer Street, Bridgewater 
59 Bedford Street, Bridgewater 
21 Church Street, Bridgewater 
43 Scotland Road, Reading 
134 Main Street, Bridgewater 
46 Pearl Street, Hyannis 
237 Summer Street, Bridgewater 
49 South Street, Bridgewater 
173 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater 
43 Belcher Avenue, Brockton 
36 Shaw Road, Bridgewater 
56 Bennett Street, Wakefield 
92 Bedford Street, Bridgewater 
11 State Street, Taunton 
57 Spring Hill Avenue, Bridgewater 
18 Arlington Street, Brockton 
145 Mt. Vernon Street, Winchester 
15 Spring Hill Avenue, Bridgewater 
37 Church Street, Bridgewater 
39 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater 
17 Hillberg Avenue, Brockton 
9 Alsada Road, Nantasket Beach, Box 368 

Training School Faculty 

Allen, Gladys L. 
Borchers, Louise H. 
Hollis, Elizabeth 
Lindquist, Evelyn R. 
Marks, Mary L. 
Rogers, Gertrude M. 
Rowland, Grace V. 
Sleeper, Helen E. 
Smith, Grace E. . 
Thompson, Charlotte H. 
Towey, Catherine D. 
Warner, A. Mabelle . 

Columbia Falls, Maine 

15 Clarence Avenue, Bridgewater 

25 Bates Avenue, South Weymouth 

64 Grove Street, Thomaston, Conn. 

477 Webster Street, Rockland 

49 South Street, Bridgewater 

46 Pearl Street, Hyannis 

South Thomaston, Maine 

29 Park Street, Rockland 

93 Charles Street, Fitchburg 

41 Parkway Place, Hyannis 

4 Summer Street, Merrimac 

4 49 } 

Senior Directory 

Bates, Rose E. 
Begley, Mary E. 
Benson, Hazel I. 
Berger, Hilda 
Bezanson, Clyde O. 
Breene, Bettina 
Capiferri, Mary L. 
Carroll, Catherine M 
Cass, Jane B. 
Chatterton, Gertrude B. 
Clifton, L. Avis 
Condon, Jean F. 
Costa, Alda M. . 
Donohoe, Esther E. 
Driscoll, Claire 
Dutra, Theda W. 
Emerson, Claire 
Garrity, Adrienne M. 
Geary, M. Eleanor 
Gifford, Dorothy R. 
Hallisey, Elizabeth A 
Hartwell, Constance L. 
Hogan, Madeline L. 
Houghton, Anne E. 
Howes, Dorothy 
Jenkins, Mellicent I. 
Joy, Shirley A. 
Kennefick, Constance M 
Kolenda, Helen R. F. 
Kremp, Mary L. 
Lambert, Louise F. 
Leavitt, Hannah 
Lucas, Helen W. 
Lucey, Phyllis V. 
Magliano, Clementine 
McCarthy, Mary E. 
McCrohan, Catherine J. 
Moir, Helen N. . 

411 South Street, Randolph 

Bedford Street, Lakeville 

Main Street, Brockton 

102 Ash Street, Brockton 

32 Grove Street, Brockton 

299 Bay Street, Taunton 

329 Southern Artery, Quincy 

16 Water Street, Medford 

588 Belmont Street, Brockton 

1215 Riverside Avenue, Somerset 

79 Roosevelt Avenue, Somerset 

23 Roosevelt Road, Weymouth 
Hale Street, Bridgewater 

60 Columbus Avenue, North Easton 

1905 Columbus Avenue, Boston 

93 Plymouth Street, Middleboro 

94 Beacon Street, Hyde Park 

18 Walker Street, Weymouth 

54 Harrison Avenue, Gloucester 

82 Ford Street, Fairhaven 

63 Wheeler Avenue, Brockton 

Elm Street, East Pembroke 

16 Norfolk Road, Holbrook 

83 Jackson Street, North Attleboro 


8 Trefton Drive, East Braintree 

59 Oak Street, Taunton 

9 Highland Street, Gloucester 

Richmond Street, Brockton 

Wareham Road, Marion 

Jarves Street, Sandwich 

24 Highland Avenue, Haverhill 
115 Emory Street, Attleboro 

371 Moraine Street, Brockton 
37 Porter Street, Brockton 
124 Ford Street, Brockton 
236 Mt. Pleasant Street, New Bedford 
Main Street, Marshfield Hills 

•{50 } 

Morrell, Frances H. 
Morton, Dorothy E. 


Murray, Regina M. 
Nicoll, Jean C. 
Nolan, Edith F. 
Noyes, Vineta R. 
Olenick, Mary R. 
Porter, Lorraine F. 
Pratt, Maida R. . 
Radcliffe, Marian E. 
Reed, Madylyn A. 
Reilly, Louise C. 
Reynolds, Anne V. 
Shanley, Virginia I. 
Snow, Elizabeth J. 
Sullivan, Mary T. 
Sundelin, Sylvia 
Twomey, Mary C. 
Vickery, Martha 
Waterman, Marilynn F 
Watters, E. Fyrne 
Wells, Dorothy E. 
White, Meredith F. 
Whiting, Helen . 

291 Mechanic Street, Canton 
250 Sandwich Road, Plymouth 
691 Washington Street, South Braintree 
63 Orchard Street, Randolph 
28 Troy Street, Brockton 
35 Hollingsworth Avenue, Mattapan 
455 Spring Street, West Bridgewater 
262 Field Street, Brockton 
114 Heath Street, Jamaica Plain 
209 North Main Street, West Bridgewater 
5 Wood Street, Plymouth 
11 Russo Street, Hyannis 
30 Spring Hill Avenue, Bridgewater 
31 Rogers Street, Quincy 
Branch Street, Brant Rock 
R. F. D., Carver 
411 Montello Street, Brockton 
Centre Street, West Barnstable 
1106 Main Street, South Weymouth 
76 Sandwich Street, Plymouth 
39 Ball Avenue, Bridgewater 
South Street, Bridgewater 
54 Jaffrey Street, Weymouth Heights 
82 West Street, Elmwood 
. . Vernon Street, Plymouth 

Class of 1946 

Acebo, Sinforosa G. 
Alfieri, Geraldine F. 
Almeida, Evelyn 
Anestes, Seva 
Bates, Barbara L. 
Belcher, Dorothy C. 
Boltz, Adele C. . 
Brooks, Dorothy L. 
Burns, Frances M. 
Capiferri, Margaret E. 
Cate, Elizabeth M. 

24 Grossman Street, Brockton 

38 Brett Street, Brockton 

57 Clinton Street, Fall River 

261 Ocean Street, Hyannis 

309 King Street, Cohasset 

118 High Street, East Weymouth 

77 School Street, Braintree 

242 Homer Street, Newton Centre 

. 264 Elmwood Avenue, Wollaston 

329 Southern Artery, Quincy 

71 Marion Road, Watertown 

4 51 } 

Chaffin, Vivian R. 
Chamberlin, Virginia D. 
Chapin, Ilsa C. 
Chatterton, Eunice B. 
Christofori, Dorothy L. 
Clayman, Phyllis R. 
Condon, Mary E. 
Connell, Dorothea L. 
Connors, Mary Elizabeth 
Cunningham, Geraldine R. 
Curley, Mary E. 
Day, Florence A. 
Downton, Mildred L. 
Ellison, Mary A. 
Gallagher, Shirley 
Gleason, Candace H. 
Godfrey, Virginia C. 
Guzzi, Madelyn R. 
Hacking, Mildred E. 
Hamlett, Elizabeth E. 
Homen, Louise L. 
Howard, Martha S. 
Jackson, Elaine E. 
Kane, Barbara . 
Kennedy, Mary E. 
Klimm, Elenore L. 
Kohler, Eunice M. 
Linton, Arleen M. 
Lougee, Virginia H. 
Lovell, Vivian J. 
Mack, Marie A. . 
MacKenzie, Barbara G. 
MacGown, Jane . 
Macomber, Constance W. 
Maddox, Priscilla E. 
Mann, Altana B. 
Mason, Mabel E. 
Matthews, Edith E. 
Mazer, Berniss G. 
Mitchell, Rosella 
Mooney, Marjorie M. 
Murchie, Jeanette 
Murrill, Catherine E 
Muther, Barbara 
O'Byrne, Eleanor M. 
Peck, Jean E. 
Peltz, Elsie N. . 
Querze, Lois 

108 Church Street, Mansfield 

76 North Ash Street, Brockton 

28 Larkspur Street, Springfield 

. 1215 Riverside Avenue, Somerset 

29 Ball Avenue, Bridgewater 

37 Brookledge Street, Roxbury 

278 Moraine Street, Brockton 

7 Abbey Street, Randolph 

517 Cottage Street, New Bedford 

149 Liberty Street, Randolph 

11 Ardmore Street, East Braintree 

25 Grove Street, Bridgewater 

108 Massachusetts Avenue, Springfield 

158 Bonney Street, New Bedford 

14 Crocker Street, Medford 
88 Lewis Bay Road, Hyannis 

72 Lincoln Street, Greenfield 

34 Gibson Street, Maiden 
90 Woodlawn Street, New Bedford 

11 O'Conner Street, Taunton 

15 Pearl Street, Middleboro 

Green Lane, Edgartown 

475 Liberty Street, Rockland 

15 Strafford Street, Plymouth 

Pleasant Street, Hyannis 

1121 Main Street, South Weymouth 

Plymouth Street, North Carver 

Pleasant Street, Millis 

28 Stanley Street, North Weymouth 

35 Snell Street, Holbrook 
115 Sommer Road, Brookline 

295 Center Avenue, North Abington 

187 County Street, Taunton 

104 Metropolitan Avenue, Roslindale 

11 Allen Avenue, Westfield 

Locust Street, Swansea 

103 Middleboro Road, West Wareham 

22 York Terrace, Brookline 

Jefferson Shores, Buzzards Bay 

66 Raymond Street, East Weymouth 

3 Lincoln Street, Somerville 

538 Market Street, Rockland 

216 Pleasant Street, Newton Centre 

386 Pleasant Street, Brockton 

Olney Street, Seekonk 

4557 Acushnet Avenue, New Bedford 


152 > 

Ring, Dorothea E. 
Rosenblatt, Esther 
Russell, Jane W. 
Salvador, Evangeline 
Sanford, Helen E. 
Schmidt, Phyllis L. 
Sheehan, Eileen 
Sheehan, Elizabeth 
Simpson, Phyllis L. 
Sisson, Marjorie P. 
Sullivan, Alice A. 
Sullivan, A. Roberta 
Sweeney, Grace M. 
Tolman, Marjorie H. 
Toomey, Alice M. 


57 North Central Street, East Bridgewater 
16 Morse Street, Dorchester 
82 Stevens Road, Needham 
32 Roosevelt Avenue, East Bridgewater 
Main Street, Sandwich 
86 Willard Street, New Bedford 
62 Chancery Street, New Bedford 
430 Main Street, Bridgewater 
9 Harrisson Avenue, Gloucester 
56 Pleasant Street, Stoneham 
49 Monadnock Street, Dorchester 
4 Harding Avenue, Haverhill 
18 Verplank Street, Albany, N. Y. 
Church Street, Hanover 
23 Drew Avenue, East Weymouth 

Class of 1947 

Anderson, Ruth P. 
Andrews, Margaret 
Angeley, Mary A. 
Averill, Carol C. 
Baumbach, Helen R. 
Beaumont, Leo E. 
Bigelow, Margaret G. 
Bignelli, Louise 
Boffetti, Margaret 
Bolles, Claire B. 
Bowler, Jean C. . 
Burchard, Janice C. 
Burnham, Roberta L 
Burke, Margaret A. 
Chase, June 
Clark, Carol H. 
Cobb, Myrtle C. 
Conant, Louise N. 
Coyne, E. Patricia 
Crane, Jean E. 
Cushing, Ruth A. 
Custeau, Rita L. 
Davidson, Helen M. 
Douglass, Jean . 
Finnegan, Eileen M. 
Forred, Walter A. 
Froio, Patricia . 
Gerstein, Gertrude 

25 Louis Street, Hyannis 

63 West Street, Whitman 

37 Center Avenue, Abington 

Base Point Way, Edgartown 

36 Nevyns Avenue, Longmeadow 

Phinneys Lane, Centerville 

Evergreen Acres, Worthboro 

28 East Merrimac Street, New Bedford 

Box 223, Sagamore 

Heartbreak Road, Ipswich 

41 Ellison Park, Waltham 

70 Broad Street, North Attleboro 

55 Summer Street, Kingston 

225 East Street, East Walpole 

Main Street, West Yarmouth 

Center Street, East Dennis 

Camp Street, West Yarmouth 

55 Tanager Street, Arlington 

Gibbs Avenue, Wareham 

14 Springhill Avenue, Bridgewater 

East Grove Street, Middleboro 

820 Lakeview Avenue, Lowell 

48 Rosemone Street, Boston 

Locust Street, Swansea 

35 Lakeview Avenue, South Braintree 

South Orleans Road, Orleans 

45 Gifford Street, Brockton 

31 Cherryvale Avenue, Springfield 

•I 53 > 

Ghilardi, Anita . 
Glaser, Murial I. 
Gralton, Ruth J. 
Graves, Frostine A. 
Guilbault, Marion L. 
Hanson, Atherleen J. 
Harriman, Dorothy M 
Harrington, Barbara 
Haskell, Marguerite A. 
Haskins, Anne 
Herman, Jack 
Hummel, Joan E. 
Joseph, Alice L. 
Kazanovicz, Helen R. 
Kelly, Lenore M. 
Kerr, Annette 
Killory, Helen G. 


Lagarde, Elizabeth R. 
Lahteine, Edna A. 
Lappen, Mildred J. 
Lawday, Phyllis C. 
Lawson, Eldon C. 
Leavitt, Thelma E. 
Lopes, Margaret A. 


Mackin, Dorothy M. 
McCorkle, Otis . 
McCosh, Betsey . 
McNamara, Ann E. 
Merrill, Dorothy 
Monohan, Margaret M. 
Moore, Kaythryn 
Moore, Marion P. 
Morey, Beverly D. 
Murphy, Margaret T. 
Nickerson, Martha L. 
Novick, Bernice J. 
Olson, Gloria C. 
Olson, Virginia C. 
Packer, Elsie M. 
Paquette, Lucille E. 
Parsons, Harriette J. 
Parsons, Thelma I. 
Peck, Jeanne M. 
Pentinen, Miriam M. 
Perkins, Virginia G. 
Potter, Lois A. . 

186 North Street, New Bedford 
77 Plymouth Street, Brockton 
155 Summer Street, Somerville 
55 South Street, Williamsburg 
Turnpike Hill, Montague City 
42 Waldo Street, Brockton 
Taunton Avenue, Dennis 
15 Chestnut Street, Natick 
811 East Street, Dedham 
652 Washington Street, Abington 
916 Crescent Street, Brockton 
25 Federal Street, Springfield 
35 Ellsworth Street, Worcester 
43 Belcher Avenue, Brockton 
341 Worth Avenue, North Abington 
6 George Road, Quincy 
56 Linden Place, Brookline 
216 Walnut Street, Stoughton 
Plum Street, West Barnstable 
87 Winthrop Street, Winthrop 
372 Port Street, Plymouth 
99 Carroll Avenue, Brockton 
734 North Street, Randolph 
221 Middleboro Road, West Wareham 
Hyannis Road, Barnstable 
19 Sherman Street, Brockton 
36 Thaxter Avenue, Abington 
Box 145, Manomet 
77 Franklin Street, Haverhill 
43 Winthrop Street, North Abington 
140 Main Street, Wareham 
195 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater 
2 Preston Street, Worcester 
Prospect Street, Mattapoisett 
56 Stockman Street, Springfield 
Richardson Avenue, Attleboro 
17 Bartlett Crescent, Brookline 
68 Granite Street, Melrose 
Vernon Street, Rockland 
Mill Street, Swansea 
214 South Main Street, Attleboro 
22 Martin Avenue, Franklin 
471 Adams Street, North Abington 
Pickville Road, Shelburne 
181 Longplain Road, Acushnet 
West Main Street, Ware 

{54 } 

Randall, Priscilla E. 
Redgate, Ann C. 
Rogers, Katherine G. 
Roper, Elizabeth A. 
Rowell, Muriel L. 
Sager, Shirley M. 


Scoble, Barbara F. 
Shortall, Patricia E. 
Shugrue, Betty Ann 
Smarsh, Helen 
Smialek, Irene C. 
Soule, Katherine F. 
Sullivan, M. Elaine 
Thatcher, Shirley W. 
Theberge, Grace 
Thiesing, Margaret F 
Walsh, Anna M. . 
Walsh, Ruth B. . 
Warren, Barbara H. 
Webster, Jeanne J. 
Werlin, Phyllis D. 
Wickles, Jeanne M. 
Winkle, Nora M. 

131 Kensington Lane, Swampscott 

38 Lawrence Street, Brockton 

School Street, Wellfleet 

17 Marion Avenue, Brockton 

1039 Plymouth Avenue, Fall River 

96 Lincoln Street, Norwood 

East Main Street, Warren 

203 Washington Street, Islington 

29 Pleasant Street, Braintree 

19 Blossom Street, Bradford 

390 Bedford Street, Middleboro 

338 Globe Street, Fall River 

74 North Street, Middleboro 

24 May Street, East Braintree 

South Yarmouth 

107 Sycamore Street, New Bedford 

10 Browne Road, Shrewsbury 

43 Clarence Avenue, Bridgewater 

43 Clarence Street, Bridgewater 

87 Groveland Street, Springfield 

155 Florence Road, Waltham 

417 Central Street, Saugus 

Main Street, Hatfield 

Jerusalem Road, North Cohasset 

Class of 1948 

Adams, Dorothy Q. 
Allen, Janet F. . 
Anderson, Jeanne P. 
Archambault, Hortense E. 
Bailey, Margaret E. . 
Barnes, Hester M. 
Bockus, Betty 
Boyden, Phyllis N. 
Briggs, Jane F. . 
Brittain, Dorothy A. 
Buck, Janet S. 
Burbank, Frances S. 
Callahan, Eileen M. . 
Carroll, Jeanette T. 
Castano, Constance M. 
Christian, M. Lorraine 
Costa, Alvarina M. 
Cronin, Mary A. 


10 Morrison Road, Hyannis 

37 School Street, Hyannis 

14 Hamilton Road, Waltham 

801 Broadway, Haverhill 

45 Alpha Road, Dorchester 

23 Oak Street, Fairhaven 

249 Central Street, Stoneham 

45 South Street, East Bridgewater 

216 Main Street, Fairhaven 

331 Bedford Street, Whitman 

99 Dean Street, Mansfield 

. 253 State Road, North Dartmouth 

North Main Street, South Deerfield 

115 Bouve Avenue, Brockton 

18 Huntington Street, Brockton 

McCabe Avenue, Millis 

18 Howland Street, South Dartmouth 

5 Crows Lane, Hingham 

17 Bird Street, East Walpole 

{55 } 

Daley, Paul V. . 
Davis, Dorothy R. 
Davis, Marjorie E. 
Davis, Selma C. . 
Day, Irene E. 
Dolliver, Lorraine V 
Downer, Mildred E. 
Dufton, Helen . 
Duggan, Mildred I. 
Farnsworth, Ardys C. 
Farrell, Barbara A. 
Fleck, Marion L. 
Flynn, Marjorie B. 
Fulton, Helen E. 
Galligan, Ellen C. 
Gaynor, Arlene P. 
Gibbs, Anna E. 
Gilligan, Elizabeth 
Gloster, Anna H. 
Green, Margaret I. 
Hansen, Jane 
Harper, Barbara B. 
Hayes, R. Natalie 
Henry, Marie L. 
Hill, Carol V. 
Horrigan, Ann M. 
Hughes, James F. 
Jones, Cynthia C. 
Jones, Phyllis L. 
Keefe, Rosemary A. 
King, Hope M. 
Komich, Edith A. 
LaLiberte, Lorraine E 
Lewis, Dorothy M. 
Littlefield, Jean 
Lossone, Barbara H. 
Loughman, Eileen E. 
Lupion, June G. . 
Lyman, Virginia A. 
Lynch, Rita E. 
MacKinnon, Benena 
MacLennan, Marjorie 
MacPherson, Virginia A 
Malina, Sara 
Manchester, Eunice 
Marks, Meredith T. 
McDonough, Corinne 
McGowan, Marie C. 




11 Wildewood Road, Medford 

29 Payson Avenue, Dorchester 

628 Pleasant Street, Attleboro 

10 Shore Drive, Winthrop 

7 Alleyne Street, West Roxbury 

51 Marlboro Street, Wollaston 

Centre Street, Dover 

Lakeville State Sanatorium 

103 Rockland Street, Canton 

North West Street, Feeding Hill 

199 Samoset Avenue, Allerton 

141 Cottage Street, Norwood 

72 Maple Street, South Hamilton 

169 Main Street, South Hamilton 

18 Tremont Street, New Bedford 

44 Maple Street, Randolph 

Old Plymouth Road, Sagamore 

83 Burnap Street, Wilmington 

29 Granite Street, Weymouth 

1 Glimrose Avenue, East Braintree 

Main Street, North Hanover 

96 Beulah Street, Whitman 

171 Mason Street, Wollaston 

36 Magoun Avenue, Medford 

Chace Road, East Freetown 

17 Standish Road, Milton 

32 New Bedford Street, Hyde Park 

Chase Street, West Harwich 

Chase Street, West Harwich 

377 Archer Street, Fall River 

West Harwich 

32 Mt. Pleasant Street, Randolph 

53 Moraine Street, Brockton 

11 Moulton Street, Randolph 

147 School Street, Bryantville 

16 Myrtle Street, Melrose 

22 Rowner Avenue, Dorchester 

Sunset Avenue, West Bridgewater 

777 South Street, Bridgewater 

206 Main Street, Bridgewater 

42 Dahata Street, Dorchester 

17 Fells Road, Stoneham 

80 Woodlawn Street, Springfield 

76 Intervale Street, Roxbury 

Chestnut Street, South Dartmouth 

37 Keith Avenue, Brockton 

Causeway Road, Vineyard Haven 

40 Broad Street, North Attleboro 

{56 } 

McGrath, Catherine L. 
Mills, Ernestine E. 
Mishara, Marilyn M. 
Moriarty, Ruth F. 
Moynihan, E. Jeanne 
Mulqueeny, Frances V. 
O'Neil, Louise M. 
Paul, Marie V. . 
Payne, Louise E. 
Phillips, Marjorie H 


Powers, Genevieve M. 
Radzukinas, Genevieve R. 
Roche, Caroline F. 
Roud, Edith L. 
Rowe, Priscilla A. 
Rudolph, Annie . 
Sedgwick, Shirley H. 
Shapiro, Hazel D. 
Shapiro, Miriam J. 
Shea, Grace H. . 
Sherman, Helen W. 
Shipman, Virginia P. 
Souza, Louise T. . 
Stranger, Marilyn H. 
Sullivan, Mary R. 
Sullivan, Mary T. 
Talbot, Barbara M. 
Tassinari, Lillian M. 
Thompson, Dorothy N. 
Torres, Adele M. 
Tripp, Hannah F. 
Tucker, Elinor G. 
Vlass, Marjorie L. 
Walsh, Martha T. 
Weinstein, David 
Wilson, Lillian M. 
Wisotsky, Mary 
Zumas, Madeline 

77 Billings Street, Sharon 

29 Mayflower Street, Plymouth 

97 Wellington Hill Street, Mattapan 

50 Pearl Street, North Abington 

42 Arch Street, North Abington 

11 Nelson Avenue, Quincy 

28 Norfolk Road, Randolph 

12 Zamora Court, Jamaica Plain 

42 Middlesex Street, Boston 

59 Freedom Street, Fall River 
17 Brookline Avenue, Springfield 

70 William Street, Bradford 

108 South Pleasant Street, Bradford 

87 Hazard Street, New Bedford 

514 Howard Street, Brookline 

17 Pleasant Street, Plymouth 
600 Plymouth Street, Whitman 

162 Weir Street, Taunton 

28 Abbot Street, Dorchester 

34 Salem Street, Springfield 

47 Caren Street, Springfield 

2 Willard Place, Plymouth 

18 Allerton Street, Plymouth 
618 Cottage Street, New Bedford 

Main Street, West Newburg 
52 Forest Street, Fall River 
44 Pearl Street, New Bedford 
Washington Avenue, Somerset Centre 
83 Main Street, Kingston 
47 Main Street, Quincy 
Main Street, Dighton 

60 State Street, New Bedford 
120 Beal Avenue, Whitman 

92 Highland Avenue, Wollaston 

79 Border Street, Dedham ; 

33 Wildwood Street, Dorchester 

187 Lake Street, Acushnet 

355 School Street, Stoughton 

17 Chestnut Street, Stoughton 


Compliments of 


4 Central Square Bridgewater 


Rose Estelle Bradbury, Manager 

Member oj National Association of 
Teachers' Agencies 

14 Beacon Street, Boston 8, Massachusetts 

Compliments of 



Specializing in 

Permanent Waving - Razor Cutting 

303 Belmont Street, Brockton 



98 Bedford Street 

Bridgewater, Massachusetts 


977 Summer Street, Bridgewater 

Member of Florist Telegraph Delivery Assoc. 


195 North Main Street 

Brockton, Massachusetts 



Dependable. Printing Service 

Wishes good luck and success 

Printers of the Campus Comment 

to the Graduating Class of 1945 

Bridgewater Massachusetts 

Compliments of 



Junior - Misses - Women's 

Complete Home Furnishings 


Bridgewater, Mass. 

227-229 Main Street Brockton 

Hyman T. Gotshalk, Prop. 



Headquarters for Gordon Hosiery 

Central Square Bridgewater 

Best of Luck 

To All the 1945 Graduates 

Compliments of a Friend 

f oppaCriII 

bob and € />Wr/ettfo// 

■ /8 and 106 E/mtvood since /926 • Tei. J5J 
(cue do not serve wines or //quo 

Compliments of 


North Attleboro, Massachusetts 


Up to the minute Motion Picture Entertainment 
For the Entire Family 

Sundays and Holidays Continuous 

Matinees daily at 2.00 p.m. Evenings from 6.45 to 11.00 


Bridgewater, Massachusetts 

A Mutual Savings Bank 
Incorporated 1872 



Simpson Spring Beverages 

Bridgewater, Mass. 

Confectionery at Wholesale 

Distributor of Wirthmore Feeds 

290 Montello Street Brockton 

Use Wirthmore Feeds for Best Results 

To the Graduating Class 


• Congratulations and Best Wishes for the 

Boston Office - 120 Boylston Street 


Member of National Association of 
Teachers' Agencies 


The Rexall Store 

Bridgewater Massachusetts 


in your first position is essential to your 

Marjorie P. Ticknor 

future. Let us help you select the right 



Louise H. Essery 

Reed Teachers' Agency 

120 Boylston Street Boston 

The Grace M. Abbott Teachers' Agency 

120 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. 


Member of National Association of Teachers Agencies